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Information At Hand

An unhappy customer may share their level of dissatisfaction with ten or more people!

Most dissatisfied consumers don't complain directly to businesses that they're unhappy with. Instead, they simply don't come back. They also share their bad experiences with others through personal conversations, social media, and online reviews. Today more than ever, businesses risk losing not only the unhappy customer, but also all of the others who may be influenced by that customer's opinion.

The vexing question is how can you ever fix an issue that a customer has with your business if you never have an opportunity to do so? That's where we come in. Our follow-up system can help you turn a silent, dissatisfied customer into a loyal customer. Our fast-response emails and friendly online surveys provide your customers a comfortable way to communicate their opinions and any concerns about their car purchases or automotive service. Within 24-48 hours of their purchase or service appointment, we'll get their response, compile the information, and forward it to you for action.

With the generated information in hand you can react to your customers needs and determine if you are using appropriate sales tactics for your service and sales activities. Keep the focus on your customers so that your service to them is followed-up quickly... A happy customer comes back to buy again!

Email Tactics

Email messages boost service business

While personal contact and phone calls can be great tools for communicating with your customers, the sweeping trend in customer relations is now electronic communication. Increasingly, people connect through their mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. They talk to each other, take care of business, manage accounts, and plan their fun electronically via the Internet. And they've grown to prefer companies that understand and can respond to their needs via the same technology.

We've shaped our services based on the following tenets:

  • Targeted messages get higher responses than mass mailings.
  • Email promotions help stores make more efficient use of service equipment.
  • 7% of customers who receive email reminders will schedule service appointments — versus 2% response from those who receive postal reminders.From Automotive News Magazine 2006
  • Return business for service and new purchases will improve by employing carefully timed email campaigns.
  • Through customized reports you can track responses and resolve customer complaints in a timely manner; you can nip issues before they grow into serious problems.
  • Good service and sales practices makes the difference between a growing business or a receding business.

About the Program

Service scheduling and special promotions:

  • Not all dealerships have a standard opening procedure to collect emails, but they should. We collect email addresses and compile an initial database for a minimal cost.
  • We connect with your system to retrieve customer history data. Based on time and mileage, customers that warrant a scheduled service reminder are then sent a notification email.
  • Customers are able to make an appointment online, or call your dealership direct.
  • As a client, you will have 24/7 access to view customer data and report information.
  • You can view reports online, showing customers who received email, who responded, and dollars spent.
  • Service specials and coupons are updated at your request directly from the system.
  • The benefits of this system:
    • Electronic media contacts provide a considerable cost savings versus direct mail contacts, eliminating printing cost, postage cost, paper cost and personnel costs.
    • Contacts can be targeted, which is more efficient than mass marketing — and most consumers prefer receiving promotions and notifications that are targeted specifically to them.
    • Customers who respond to email messages return to the dealership for service more often that those who respond to direct mail.
    • Targeted emails offer dealerships a no hassle way of generating revenue.

Email Surveys

  • Applicable customers who make a purchase or receive paid or warranty service are sent an email survey within 24-48 hours of their visit.
  • You'll receive an immediate notification of customer complaint directly online.
  • You can view all responses online.
  • You can track any non-responding customers, and then have the opportunity to contact them by phone.
  • Our program allows our dealership clients to tailor questionnaires as needed.
  • You can attach a discount coupon to the survey; we recommend doing so to encourage email response and completion of the survey.

Training Available

We offer personalized training to fit your business processes and needs such as:

  • Proper techniques in collecting emails.
  • Proper communication techniques of selling your services.
  • For a fee, we will download your customer database and contact your customers, collect their email addresses and contact preference.

For The Customer

Your customers will receive an email reminding them of the periodic maintenance requirements of their vehicle. Emails will be sent out based on time and mileage calculations to ensure more customers receive notices when their vehicle is due for maintenance.

Click here to preview what a custom reminder can look like, including dealership information, incentive coupons, and a copy of their vehicle's recommended maintenance guide.

A sample coupon is fully customizable with any background, text, and colors.

A sample appointment allows customers to request to bring their vehicle into the dealership, prefilled with the customer's information.

A sample report shows responses to survey questions.

Text Messaging Options

Our mobile marketing and text messaging system is an innovative way to communicate with both new prospects and current customers.

Text messaging is one of the easiest, quickest, and most effective means of ensuring your customers know about your services, or your special offers, or their upcoming appointments and scheduled service reminders.

Text messages can be sent and retrieved right from your desktop.

Sample Client Side Reports

Example reports: